Mudgee Music has quality brands at great prices

Mudgee Music currently stocks a variety of quality instruments such as Martin, Tanglewood, Timberidge, LTD, SX, Cort, Martinez, Valencia, Redding, Bryden, Roland, Carlsbro,, Kala, 1880, Gilman, Hohner and Mahalo.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for in the shop, be sure to ask us to source it for you.


Mudgee Music selected a nice range of quality guitars at affordable prices. With a mix of acoustic and electric guitars, Mudgee Music is sure to have what you are looking for. We stock the instruments that will satisfy most players, however, if you are looking for high end or exotic guitars, be sure to let us know what you are looking for and we will do all we can to source it for you.


Mudgee Music stocks Beale brand keyboards and Digital Pianos including 61 key keyboards and 88 key fully weighted electric pianos. Additionally, we stock Kurzweil Digital Stage Pianos. The Beale brand makes  high-quality acoustic pianos since 1893 and now they make electric keyboards and digital pianos.


Due to the size of our shop, we have elected to carry the Roland electric drum kits and the Carlsbro junior drum kit. However, we have access to DXP, Tama and other acoustic kits and KAT, Kazaan and Behringer Electric kits. We also carry selected bongo drums, conga drums, djembe drums, Bodran hand drums and cajon drums.

Acoustic Guitars

Our in-stock acoustic guitars include both acoustic and acoustic with preamp/tuner. We carry all sizes to meet your needs. Currently we stock Cort, Martin, Tanglewood, Timberidge, Gilman, Martinez, Valencia, Redding acoustic guitars.

Electric Guitars

Mudgee Music stocks LTD, Cort, J&D Luthiers, and SX electric guitars and bass guitars. We have access to additional brands, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for, be sure to let us know what you would like and we will do all we can to source it for you. We have dealerships with 13 suppliers, that cover most of the popular brands. For beginners, we stock acoustic guitar kits including the instrument, bag, strap, tuner and pics. And, stock electric guitar kits including an instrument, amp, bag, strap, tuner and pics.


With a worldwide resurgence of the little stringed instrument, the ukulele is an instrument for everyone, young and old. Mudgee Music carries Mahalo, Kala, 1880, and Tanglewood Ukes.

We carry the little Mahalo ukes in a rainbow of colours. Mudgee Music also carries the more serious Mahalo ukes too. Our Kala, 1880 Timberidge and Mahalo ukuleles are made from beautiful timber and come in soprano, concert, tenor baritone and bass ranges. If you’re looking for an electric ukulele, we also carry Mahalo, Timberidge, Kala ukes with preamp/tuners.


Mudgee Music is a supporter of music for youth. There are many studies that conclude music is a contributing factor in advanced language and math skills. Getting children involved with music at an early age is one of the best activities parents can engage their children in. And it’s fun! We stock musical instrument kits and individual instruments for infants, and toddlers, to get them interested in music from the beginning. These instruments are perfect as a gateway to guitar, piano and band instruments.

Other Strings

Mudgee Music carries the Tanglewood, Martinez and Bryden brand Banjos and mandolins. These folk favourites look fantastic and sound even better. For stage and recording, we also carry the Bryden mandolin with preamp/tuner.


Mudgee Music carries a selection of Hohner harmonicas, shakers, percussion instruments, tambourines and cow bells. While we do not stock and display school/band instruments, we can get them in usually within a week. Be sure to ask for which instruments you require.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact Mudgee Music with any question or musical instrument, accessory, service or tuition request.

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