Mudgee Music carries the accessories you need to round out your musical needs.

Mudgee Music carries the accessories you need to round out your musical needs. We stock brand name quality accessories such as amps, strings straps, tuners, capos, metronomes, cleaners and oil,  pics, spare parts, leads, straps of all kinds, stands, cases and bags, books and pedals.

If we don’t have it, just ask and we will do all we can to get it for you.


Almost as important as the guitar, strings help shape the sound. Mudgee Music carries four brands of strings for your instruments. Our premium string is the Elixir series. We stock the universally popular Ernie Ball string series, D’Addario series and Dunlop strings.

We stock acoustic and electric guitar strings, electric bass strings, mandolin, ukulele and banjo strings.

Effects Pedals

The sounds are endless with effects pedals. Mudgee Music stocks most of the Roland BOSS pedals and combination pedal boards. As a Roland dealer, we can bring in any BOSS pedal that we aren’t currently stocking.

We also carry full sized and mini Cry Baby Wah pedals and Ernie Ball Wah pedals. Additionally, we stock MXR effects. We also carry BOSS and Dunlop power adapters.

Guitar Straps

Mudgee Music stocks the best made straps in Australia, from Colonial Leather. We have a really nice selection of leather, padded leather, embroidered leather, woven, Aboriginal patterns, plain black woven straps, and funky, colourful, straps with fun patterns such as “Toxic Waste, Crime Scene, Danger and more…”. We have access to hundreds of patterns and designs. If you have a special request, please ask if you don’t see what you’re after!


Mudgee Music has a comprehensive range of stands and stools for your needs. We stock several guitar stands, keyboard stands, mic stands/booms, ukulele stands, music stands and speaker stands.

Guitar Picks

Mudgee Music has a large selection of pics ranging from cool photo picks, smooth and textured pics, rubber grip picks, thumb picks and pick holders. They come in gages ranging from soft to firm and all shapes.

Cases and bags

Mudgee Music carries both hard cases and gig bags to match your instrument and protect it from damage during transport, around the house or studio. We stock the Xtreme series cases and bags, which are designed for maximum protection and utility.

Heads, Cymbals, and Sticks:

While Mudgee Music only has electronic drum kits in store, we do stock acoustic drum heads, cymbals and stick for your acoustic percussion instruments.


We carry the popular weights of Zildian sticks in all timber and nylon tip ranging from 5A to 7A. If you require brush sticks, we carry those too. If you’re after Vic Firth sticks, we carry NOVA 5a sticks.

Drum Head

Mudgee music stocks Remo drum heads in the popular sizes, type and surfaces.

We can also supply heads for banjo and hand percussion instruments.


We stock the Zildian Planet Z and ZBT cymbal series and can order the Zildian K Constantinople series cymbals as well as the other Zildian series (K, A and S) on request.


We all must start somewhere, and Mudgee Music supports the learning process with our music book shop. We feature the Progressive book series for everything from Guitar, to bass, piano ukulele and more.



Mudgee Music has selected Laney amplifiers as our prime amp. Making amplifiers since 1967, Laney was the brainchild of Lyndon Laney, who played with John Bonham and Robert Plant prior to them forming Led Zeppelin.


Cables and leads

Mudgee Music carries the cables and leads you need to make music. Leads for instruments, patch cords for effects, mic cables, MIDI cables and multi power harnesses for peddle boards.


There are too many products to list each with its own category, however a few of the miscellaneous products that Mudgee Music stocks are:

  • Capos
  • Harmonica neck holders
  • guitar cleaner/polish
  • guitar fretboard cleaner
  • guitar machine heads
  • guitar sting cleaner
  • guitar soft cloths for instruments
  • microphones
  • strap anchors
  • violin shoulder rests
  • violin bow rosin
  • work bench guitar neck cradles
  • tuners
  • headphones
  • guitar wall hangers
  • ear plugs
  • string winders
  • guitar slides
  • practice drum pads
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Please feel free to contact Mudgee Music with any question or musical instrument, accessory, service or tuition request.

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